Part of the three month-long extravaganza that is our HOLIDAYS ISSUE includes, as it happens, a blogging holiday for us, too (see above gif). Lydia will be poolside somewhere in Italy (and obviously useless), and Barbara will be slightly busier having a baby and moving house and hosting her family, both old and brand-new.

Never to fear though! We'll be back soon - and perhaps even intermittently, in the meantime? - with more tales (as promised) of THE SEA, HOTELS, and THE COUNTRY, more DEAR DIANA, MIXTAPES, and, of course, TRAVELING LIGHT from our friends. 

Just before we go, however, here are excerpts of our packing lists for the next two weeks, to inspire and horrify...

A (Near-ish) Roman Holiday:

Bringing New Life Into the World:


Lydia & Barbara