In this (so far, fairly) merry month of May, we're reverting back to the way things used to be around here, i.e. honoring our second name and at least contemplating doing our stuff on a regular-ish monthly schedule. After what has at least felt like a long winter of discontented aimlessness and a hiatus from monthly themes, we're first tapping our toes to the genius dot com lyrics of Rihanna's Work...* and then we're talking about KITCHENS!

This month (and maybe a bit longer, if we like how it feels) we will be tying on our apron strings (and double belting in a cool, official way), putting on our Mario Batali- approved kitchen clogs, and making our way, one sticky page at a time, through our favorite cookbooks. We'll also be compiling a list of what we like to listen to when we put water on to boil, thinking about how kitchens really feel to us, and trying to wrangle in a couple Traveling Lights as far as our cooking kit is concerned (or rather, finally letting my cup measure have its day in the sun). 

What draws you to a kitchen like a fruit fly to a neglected banana? What do you like to cook, or not cook in your home? Have you ever made ricotta, and if so was it the best or worst idea? Who is your favorite guide/sous chef/cookbook author/sherpa in cooking endeavors, and why? What to make for big parties/houseguests/your gluten free friends/babies/a lunchtime party of one? What to cook when we're exhausted and unsure of our hunger? What's the deal with baking bread.

This is neither a complete nor truly accurate list of what we want to address this month, but these questions are all on our minds, dripping from our fingers, filling up our tabs and reading lists. We like eating and we love feeding, and if we can’t have you over for dinner at least maybe we can talk about it.

In closing, the thought that occurred to me first thing this morning (maybe only remarkable because I was thinking before coffee). A functional kitchen in a home is a little like a strong Tadasana in yoga: it sets you up right for everything else. If you and your kitchen operate as one – if it's your efficient and strengthening home base, a nurturing cradle for you and our daily life – there's little you cannot take on. Or so it seemed this morning. 

xoxo Lydia & Barbara

* Strictly speaking, I suppose Rihanna has nothing to do with any of this, but it seems right for a Monday morning in May.

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