Oops! It's been a while. Our excuses for our long winter's silence are too numerous to list, too flimsy to be believed and also too real to argue with. And maybe we've been away for reasons we're holding close to our chest (for now).

In any case, it's been busy. Of course "busy" is a purposefully evasive term: sometimes busy means you're in the Krankenhaus getting a spinal tap, and sometimes it means your parents expect a fairly demanding schedule of cocktails and canapes over the holidays. And in some cases, busy means you have real ideas and new projects that need their time and quiet thinking. Sometimes, chaotically, it's all three. In that circumstance you might find your back, brain, and liver all hurt just a bit.

No matter the reason(s) however, we're super sorry for our absence and we're s u p e r excited to be back in action on 1. February - Monday! - with thoughts about homes and changes and moving out (and in). It's 2016 after all, so things may feel a little different - longer forms, farther flung associations, new contributors - but with all changes pointing towards some big evolution as we near our first birthday.

Anyway, we hope mostly that you haven't forgotten us and that our return feels like that long overdue phone call with an old friend: after some initial shyness, things are right back to the warm and fun place they always were. If it helps to imagine us wearing (warm, fun) white ribbed turtlenecks while on a landline (like our forever favorite face Catherine Deneuve), please do.

xx L & B