Et voila! We are entering the half-birthday month of Olympia Monthly! We've already started applying wrinkle creams and drinking more water, in attempts to retain our youthful appearance...

While we’re sad to leave the HOLIDAYS of summer behind for the year (they never last quite long enough, leaving us full of dread for the fall’s shorter days, longer nights…) we are very excited to develop new daily routines, even if they start off rough ones. After all, there’s work to be done! 

To that end we're doubling down on SLEEP in September- a month that brings to mind change and new sleep schedules, going back to school and being tired for homeroom, and naps in cozy, sunlight dappled corners. At least those are our top three associations.

This month, we have some amazing contributions coming down the pipe from sleepers all over the world. We'll be talking about sleep and love, sleep in public, and sleep and beauty, and the many mysteries inherent in falling asleep (or at least trying to slumber). 

So without further ado, and without hitting the snooze button even one more time, here we go: back to work!

Drowsily yours,

Barbara + Lydia 

Photo Credit: Megan Adie

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