We are into compiling things at Olympia Monthly: so far we've documented our favorite oyster bars (and tea houses), a super subjective but highly authoritative list of the best sunshines around the world, and a very "essential" reading list for books to read while in a hotel, or just for when you want to read about them.

This month, however, we've got a compilation you might actually be able to put to practical use: Recipes for Sleep! Forthcoming in this rapidly developing month of September - just the very month in which you might be needing a good rest - are the very best sleep aids we know, including proprietary Celestial Seasonings + M.F.K. Fisher-inspired tea blends, tricks of the sleeping trade, and all the real kit you need to get some good shut-eye/ZZZs/forty winks/your afternoon nap/Sandman-grade slumber.

First up we have a return visit to Olympia from our favorite lady in Copenhagen, Megan Adie (read all about her here)! While she's talked about sleep at least once before, here she provides us would-be sleeping beauties with some dreamy transcripts of what is clearly the best way to fall asleep, ever.


You: Armadillo.
Me: Bat.
You: Crocodile.
Me: Cat. Dog.
You: Elephant.
Me: Fox.
You: Giraffe.
Me: Hippopotamus.
You: Iguana.
Me: Jackalope. Does that count?
You: No.
Me: Jackrabbit.
You: Kangaroo.
Me: Kitten. Llama.
You: Mollusk.
Me: Nnnnn
You: Nnnaaaarrr
Me: Narwhal
You: Octopus
Me: Porcupine
You: Queen bee
Me: Rabbit
You: Slug
Me: Tortoise
You: [m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t] hmm uh pfhhh under ultra violet… Do you know one?
Me: Urchin.
You: [nodding]
Me: Victory mouse.
You: [nodding]
You: [u, v, w] Wallaby
Me: Xylophone
You: Yacht
Me: Zebra


Turn out the light. If you don’t think you can sleep, force yourself to stare into the darkness of your room. This turns out to be really difficult. 


Me: Astronaut
You: Body builder. Or a builder.
Me: Cataract doctor.
You: Dog trainer.
Me: Egg farmer.
You: Frenchman.
Me: [laughing] Ghost detective.
You: [g, h] Horse rider? Hotelier.
Me: Interior decorator.
You: Juggler.
Me: K
You: Kaleidoscope maker.
Me: Kite maker.
You: Lawyer.
Me: Musician. Dorky choice. Mussel farmer.
You: Neurologist. Nuclear scientist. Nail technician.
Me: Optician. Optical illusionist. 
You: Phhh I am a Pathologist. Psychopath.
Me: Queen. Is that a job? 
You: You can’t apply for it, can you.
Me: Quilter. 
You: Racing driver.
Me: Saboteur. Sailor.
You: Tinker. Tailer.
Me: Urologist.
You: Victory Mouse.
Me: Whale watcher.
You: Xylophonist.
Me: Yacht driver.
You: Yachtsman. Or woman. Yachtsperson.
Me: [giggle] [accidental head punch]
You: A zoologist. Zebra.

Increase difficulty for higher success rate.

You: Arch Bishop
Me: Bing Crosby
You: Celine Dion
You: Duke Ellington
Me: Ella Fitzgerald
Me: Frank Gehry
You: George Harrison

Sweet dreams! 

Photos: Megan Adie