Unbelievable: it's August.

After a peripatetic July (intermittently) spent thinking about hotels, we suddenly find ourselves facing the broader horizons of the countryside this month.

Hampstead Heath would be a nice place to start.

Of course there were some things about hotels we never got to: Sophie Calle's The Hotel project, which creeps us out as much as we love it; the amazing scene in Moby Dick where Queequeg joins Ishmael in bed; a list of our favorite hotel lobby bathrooms. But why not move on. And maybe come back to all that some day.

This month we can't wait to share a very special playlist for a day in the countryside. We will talk about another book or two. Lydia will delight us with her favorite Berlin fields and Barbara will try to talk about London's great gardens - and gardeners. We may have a visit from Mary Delany and her beautifully correct collages . 

We'll also be back on the Traveling Light band wagon with contributions from old friends and new ones. And our latest Dear Diana will advise on ways to charm as a houseguest...

xoxo, Barbara and Lydia