It feels like we barely dipped our toes in at THE SEA this June (oh, and there was that sharks thing), but July and HOTELS are already upon us.

When visiting (or moving to!) a new city for one of a million reasons under the sun, or else to feel less like we’ve been in the place we live too long, we’ve often found we seek out hotels: for reassurance, either to feel like we have arrived, or to feel like we’re brand new; for convenience; for W.C.s, stationery and sewing kits, climate control, and anonymity; especially for adventures and trysts

For HOTELS we're  covering up and strapping on our sandals, and we’re heading back to town to visit our favorite homes away from home - well, and to think about our reasons for patronizing them. So onward we march (and swim, wade, frolic, read, drink, and cook) into my favorite month: July.