It may be June 8th - the prime of glorious early summer, which my Susan Miller horoscope tells me will be a great day (and I trust her unfailingly) - but, let's face it, we're still in Mercury Retrograde. And it is a Monday, after all. 

Because I know that I sure need it, I'm gifting you with the only soundtrack you'll want when life's waters get even slightly choppy. The working title is Olympia Monthly's Super Soothing Sounds of the Ocean Mix - Vol. 1 , or for short: Audible Valium.

My main suggestion is to just turn this mix on and keep breathing. But as an added bonus, here are some suggested visualizations for meditation that will help you maximize your super soothing experience:

  • Track 1: imagine golden, honeyed sun (pick your poison here) warming your solar plexus, radiating a relaxing, melting heat across your shoulders and down through your fingertips. Probably fall asleep.
  • Track 2: visualize a liquid light blue and shimmering turquoise as you free up your throat chakra (which governs communication and emotional independence), all the while rocking gently back and forth in a large hammock that is improbably and magically suspended above the lapping waves. Are you asleep yet?
  • Track 5: picture yourself a tycoon in the Gilded Age, summering in your newly built Newport, RI mansion, taking a sleepy moment out for yourself to count your dollars and visualize abundance. Bonus imagery: you're wearing linen and drinking something cold (and strong) out of cut crystal. 
  • Track 6: you're on Martha's Vineyard, isn't that enough? 

xo, Lydia