Artist and photographer Frances F. Denny understands about ghosts. Maybe it's because we're all previous residents of Rhode Island (she received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design), but like us, Frances is in tune with the special magic of 200 year-old New England houses and the silent tread of spirits on worn floorboards. 

We urge you to visit Frances's website, to ogle her beautiful portfolio collections, exploring both her New England heritage and contemporary femininity (particularly Minaudières (2012), which captures the vibrant spirits of women past in images of Victorian evening bags). Her site also features a wealth of commissioned work (carried out for some of our personal favorites, like Catbird and Into the Gloss). And we've permanently bookmarked her tumblr

So, needless to say, we are beyond ecstatic (and very lucky) to present a small selection of her genius work here on Olympia Monthly. Like the visual guidebook for how to live a Grey Gardens vibe all the time, these images will inspire you to exist more magically where ever you are.

Larger format for prolonged gazing HERE.

All images copyright Frances F. Denny.

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