October is kind of nice: cheery and autumnal if you catch it at the right moment. Of course we love Libras and Halloween. But it’s easy (for us) to get stuck on the reasons we need to dress these days so prettily. 

It really seems like this is the beginning of the time of year that isn’t easy. Not in the dark north of Europe (where, after gaining an hour, the dark now sets in around 4:30 in the afternoon). Not in bright and sunny California, where heat waves and sunshine beat on incessantly, to scary effect. Not along the Gulf of Mexico, as enormous hurricanes (and weathermen?) terrorize. Not when we miss seriously important weddings and birthday parties because of distance and expense. Nor when babies teethe and stop sleeping like they should, or when your professional life demands athletic stunts performed in sheer body suits while singing at the top of your lungs (please, don't ask).

As an antidote, we asked some of our favorite people to talk about how they make it better, when they don’t feel very good about the sky above: 

When the blues set in - when you're down & lost under an old gray cloud of the heavens’ (or your own) making - how do you find your way up and out ? What's the one thing you do to turn all the other things right side up?

So stay tuned. We're going to be leaving SILVER LININGS behind with a rather melodious bang.

Dog and cat enjoy Halloween, circa 1940.

Dog and cat enjoy Halloween, circa 1940.