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traveling light submissions 

We would love to know about the things you move around the world (or across town) with. What are the things you pack? What are your beloved objects? Tell us about them!  Please answer the questions below, and send us your responses by email, attaching your image or images:

Bibelots - Talismans - Souvenirs - Trinkets - Knick knacks - Amulets - Charms - Relics

1.     Minimalist or Maximalist? 

2.     When you last packed to move, what was the thing or collection of things you couldn’t leave without? 

3.     Would you send us a high resolution image (or images) of the object (or objects) you described (on a blank surface or, even better, in its/their natural environment)? 

4.     Please tell us in a few lines why you chose this thing, this image.